Happy Holidays from the internet people

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009 | |

Los últimos del año. Enjoy.

aahh... girl's soccer, the sweetest.

Brought to you by the 80s.

and another...

ésta es mas 90s. Cómo se les ocurrió ésto?

The real last samurai.

Vampires hate Twilight.

nice grafitti.



The poodle Do.

Stalker kitteh is stalking.

Splashy photobomb.

you know, just in case you forgot.

Sassy Nigga!

Knitting Badass.

OMG!! it's a Lion! get in the car!

OMG!! It's a perro violador! Get in the car!

NO!! You can't touch this!!

Nada pirateado aquí, totalmente original.

Santa is the best bait.


The X-Files food chain.

The real food chain.

Invisible tape is invisible.

they'll call anyone pretty this days...

Irrepressible memories in the making.


Shrek attack!

One of them is gay.

Quisiera otorgar a 'I Hate Sandcastles' el premio a la mejor foto del año de las interwebz *lagrimita*

Hold me, I'm scared.

what? gay marriage is legal in some states now.

Beware the amateur photography.

Relaxing before the thanksgiving dinner.

Sexy fat chick is alarmed.

ninja school has some theorical classes too.

Gracias por confiar en su Ginecólogo del Callejón oscuro, vuelva pronto.

We've switched me for a velociraptor. Let's see if they notice.

Nothing weird, just a family picture here.... oh wait, TENSO!!

You go gay!

Léanlo, vale la pena.

insensitive... and heretic... and blasfemous... but funny.

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